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Your child is tired of hearing this

Your child is tired of hearing this

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As parents and teachers, we do our best to protect the children from the virus.

However, our actions might cause the children to become rebellious.


Does this sound familiar to you?

“Go wash your hands before your meal”

“You must wear a mask to school. The virus will infect you if you don’t.”

The kids are bombarded with such reminders.

Not only that, your child’s school teacher will remind them too!


Imagine being constantly reminded by the teachers and parents every day, how will your child feel?

Your child must be shouting in his or her mind “I KNOW! Stop reminding me!

Some kids will argue with their teachers and parents.


We do a different approach


Instead of commanding your child, why not communicate from your child’s perspective?

Here’s how we do it at the tuition centres.

When students enter the centres,

We would use the temperature gun and say, “Stop! Are you red, green or yellow?”

When the temperature reading shows a good range, we would say “Congratulations! You are green! You passed!”

The students thought this is fun and they don’t mind doing it.

That softens the tone by a lot. 


Furthermore, show appreciation to the students when they are washing their hands.

We say “Thank you for washing your hands!” 😄

Instead of commanding the students, we show genuine appreciation to the students.


The students are a lot happier and they feel appreciated.



Perhaps you can do this at home

If your child washes his or her hands before taking the utensils, show appreciation to your child by doing a simple Hi-Five👏 or say “thank you”.

Let’s create a positive environment for your child while keeping the virus at bay.


Thanks for reading.


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