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How Online Science Tuition Benefits Both Parents & Children

How Online Science Tuition Benefits Both Parents & Children

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When it comes to the child’s education, teachers can only do so much. This is because the ones who know children best are the parents. Hence, as a parent, you will play the most important role in your child’s education.

As parents, there are many ways to help improve your child’s academic performance and growth. Some examples include organising study sessions, taking your child out to educational strips, explaining new topics, and observing their current level.

However, due to the increasing demands of working life, you may find it difficult to perform these responsibilities, such as finding time to help your child study.

This may risk causing a gap towards your child’s academic support, affecting your child’s confidence since they do not have the needed supervision and guidance. After all, the first person the child will seek help to understand new concepts will be the parent.

This is where online science tuition classes come in, and they act as the best learning alternative for children, especially those with both parents working. Here are some reasons why online tuition is not just beneficial to your child, but can also ease your worries towards your child’s academics:

1) It’s More Convenient

One reason why online science tuition is trending is because it’s convenient. With lessons being accessible through your child’s devices, they have access to these online learning resources at any time.

Unlike in-person tutoring, they can refer to past lessons and watch recordings whenever they forget what they’ve learned. This helps ensure that your child will be caught up with the course.

The best part is, your child does not have to spend time commuting to and from the tuition centre. Imagine you’re living on the west side, and you want to choose a reputable tuition centre for your child, only the only location is in the east side! By the time your child reaches the tuition centre, they may end up like this:

Moreover, if your child is too young, you will need to accompany them and even pick them up, which takes up precious time from you as well. With online tuition classes, your child can learn from the comfort of their own home. Without the need to take time to take kids to and from tuition, you can take the time to do something more productive and worthwhile.

2) It Is More Flexible

With online science tuition, it opens up flexibility and time management of a child’s learning routine. Moreover, it can also be adjusted based on their learning requirements. Imagine our child waiting for you to return from work so that they can start doing their homework with your guidance and support.

However, the problem is, due to long working hours, you come home late. This doesn’t seem exactly ideal for both you and your child. That is why online classes are recommended so that you can be assured that your child will receive the academic assistance needed.

After all, their classes are just a click away, on whichever online tutoring platform they have access to. At times, the sessions can also be easily changed, depending on your child’s needs.

Usually, tutors are open to discussion regarding any changes that need to be made based on your child’s learning priority. This assures that your child not only gets the academic support needed but also ensures that they get suitable ones.

With online tuition, you can also quickly reschedule classes with the teachers, should your child be busy on the specific day of the online tuition class, as neither party has to make a trip down to the centre. Since there’s no shortage of space in online teaching, your child will likely be able to get a make-up slot much faster.

3) It Is More Conducive for Your Kids

When it comes to classes, did you know that up to 40% of the lesson time can be spent on managing the kids? This is because lesson time depends on how well-behaved the class is in general. If one acts up, the effects are like dominoes- everyone else will get distracted or even join in the chaos!

While the teachers all have different degrees of classroom management skills, it does not make it any less of a time wastage. However, our science tutors can pre-emptively prevent that misbehaving kid from participating in class with the press of the “mute” button.

This removes the distraction, and in turn, allows your child to be able to learn important applications of science concepts in relative peace. Moreover, the teachers can then concentrate all their time on teaching the concepts or challenging questions that students make mistakes in.

Of course, with fewer distractions and more learning tools for online science tuition, the teachers can also give detailed feedback on your child’s areas of improvement. After all, just because your child excels in one topic does not mean they will do so well in the other. This is due to the different applications and concepts.

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4) You Can Supervise Your Child’s Learning

If you want to know what your child has been learning, online science tuition is your chance! You can sit together to find out what goes on during the lessons and have the opportunity to be more invested in your child’s education.

In fact, you may even learn something from the teacher, such as their teaching tactics or new science concepts that you may not have known before.

After all, teaching a child isn’t just about teachers giving worksheets and waiting for kids to ask questions; it’s about accommodating each child’s learning needs so that they will be able to understand science concepts in their own way.

With online learning, you will be able to see how our experienced tutors teach. At Science Shifu, we spend time and effort to create engaging lessons that provide quality education to everyone.

Our online resources include homework as well. This way, you can observe your child’s eLearning progress in better detail. To ensure the best results, we make good use of 24/7 homework helplines, online quizzes, and EdaptIQ, which is a smart digital assessment book that provides a detailed report of your child’s strengths and weaknesses! Through these resources, we create high-quality online learning experiences, from the comfort of your child’s own home.

5) Your Child Can Get More Individual Attention

To help in your child’s academic performance, you can probably provide your child with undivided attention when it’s homework or revision time. Since this is the threshold that has been established, you will probably wish the alternative option would provide your child with that same attention should you be unable to provide it yourself.

That is when online science tuition comes in. Even for group tuition, the tutors will design their lessons in such a way that the topics are more focused and incorporate class activities to encourage participation. Moreover, it allows the teacher to give your child as much attention as possible, and ensure they understand detailed explanations.

This can help build your child’s confidence in studying science and encourage them to learn and explore more. When the teacher pays more attention, they may also be less reluctant to ask questions and resolve doubts faster, which will help in their homework later. This allows for a positive learning and teaching experience, which helps your child build confidence.

6) You Can Find Out Your Child’s Learning Patterns

Due to the tutors’ experience, they will be the best people to observe which method works best for your child when it comes to learning. Subsequently, they can even spot a learning pattern, or your child’s thought process when learning something new. From there, you can find the best teaching method for your kids should you have time.

Even if you don’t, that’s alright. This is because the online tutors are qualified enough to make use of their observations to develop a personalised teaching method that will suit your child’s needs. By doing so, your child’s academic foundation will improve significantly.

7) You Can Monitor Your Child’s Current Progress

Do you often find yourself wondering how your child is doing compared to the progression of the class? While parent-teacher meetings do give some feedback, they are rather general. Moreover, they are infrequent and are only held sometime after the major exams are over.

Should your child be struggling in school, it’s best to find out the root of the problem as soon as possible. However, how would you know if your child is meeting the weekly or monthly standards? True, some children will be confident enough to talk about their academic performance over a meal, but others may feel reluctant to share their difficulties in their studies.

That is when online science tuition comes in because the tutors will be able to gauge your child’s level based on the quality of the homework. From there, they can compile a progress report for parents for easy understanding. Moreover, some online tuition classes make use of online platforms, where they are set in such a way that they can give you progress insights whenever you’re curious.

In our case, we utilise EdaptIQ, which is designed to offer practices based on your child’s diagnostic test. Once your child is more immersed in using this system, their progress is automatically recorded based on how well they do in their online quizzes/assignments. Once you access it, it allows you to see exactly how your child is doing on a daily basis based on their quiz and assignment grades.

Detailed feedback will also be given by the teachers, which allows you to better understand how your child is coming along with their learning.

Learn Science Online at Science Shifu!

These benefits prove that online tuition is one of the best learning alternatives for your child should you be too busy to help out with your child’s academic progress. In fact, you can even learn from those tutors as to how you can support your child and help them build a strong foundation when you teach them.

Regardless of learning style, your child should always treat online lessons the same way they do in school lessons. Encourage your child to be engaged and ask questions if they do not fully understand.

Get them to be prepared and have the mindset to learn willingly. Our expert tutors are ready to assist them on their journey, and provide an environment where learning science can be a joy-filled ride!

Andy Ling – Founder of ScienceShifu.com

Guiding your child to be the master of science concepts


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