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Hi there,

Glad to meet you.

My name is Andy, and I am the founder of ScienceShifu.com. I specialise in teaching Science.


A little introduction of myself:

I have a passion for reading, explaining science concepts to students, online education and entrepreneurship.

I started as a fresh graduate working in the accounting field to earn some money. On weekends, I teach students science concepts and how they are applied to exam questions and real-life situations.

Very soon, the number of students has increased and I find it very difficult to juggle between my accounting job and tutoring my students.

After some deliberations, I decided to leave the accounting job and be a full-time science tutor.

I realised that once-a-week coaching is not sufficient for most of my students. They tend to forget most of the concepts after a few days (or less) and need constant revision and recap. They also need support for questions they face from school assignments.

Hence, I decided to create a website where you can let your child master science concepts and answering techniques anytime – ScienceShifu.com.

In the pre-recorded courses, we’ve provided step-by-step techniques for answering the science open-ended questions. These techniques have helped many of our students in conquering the dreadful segment – explaining the science open-ended questions clearly.

Moreover, ScienceShifu offers unlimited help for your child’s science homework.


Science concepts and proper explanations.


Science is a subject I love to teach. I can share with the students how science concepts are applied to different real-life situations.

Like most students, I had problems applying science concepts to the exam questions. Many times, my answers were not clear enough and the examiner could not understand what I was trying to explain. Precious marks are lost for missing scientific keywords.

Over the past 9 years of teaching, through perseverance and with the help of good mentors, I managed to devise simplified techniques that can answer science questions clearly.

Unlike other tuition centres and tutors who focus on practising full exam papers, I will be focusing on concepts and answering techniques so your child can easily understand the requirements of each question.

Most importantly, your child can clearly write their answers by mastering various answering techniques.

The ScienceShifu Company

Prefer to revise and study science concepts anytime?

ScienceShifu offers pre-recorded online science courses for your child.

By subscribing to our pre-recorded courses, you and your child get to enjoy these services:

– Learn the science concepts anytime, anywhere. There are lots of recorded videos and lesson notes to learn and revise the science concepts and answering techniques.

– 24/7 homework helper – Simply take a picture of the question that your child is unsure of and Whatsapp our homework helpline. Our team of science specialists will reply within 1 day.

– Detailed marking and feedback provided – Submit the scienceshifu assignments and our team of science specialists will mark and provide feedback for your child.

Enrol your child to get a 7-day FREE TRIAL in the science courses (applicable for the monthly subscription courses only).

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Prefer online Zoom lessons?

By enrolling in the All-In-One ‘Eureka!’ Program, your child gets to enjoy ALL of these premium services:

– Live Interactive Online Lessons led by our passionate teachers
– 24/7 Homework Help
– Detailed marking and specific feedback
– EdaptIQ, a smart digital assessment book that generates exam-based questions for your child. (For P3 to P6 students only)

Our program is suitable for primary and secondary level students.

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Got a Question?

Drop me an email: AndyLing@ScienceShifu.com


You can also check out useful science tips in my blog , resources and the science revision notes pages.

You can bookmark these pages for your child’s revision in the future!

Thank you for reading this.

However you may use this site, I hope you and your child will find something useful from it.

Enjoy this site!


Talk again soon!

Andy Ling – Founder of ScienceShifu.com

Guiding your child to be the master of science concepts



By using the ScienceShifu method, we have simplified the science concepts and made it easy for students to conquer the science open-ended questions and the multiple-choice questions. To date, we have coached over 4000 science students at the primary and secondary levels. We are delighted to hear from our students (and parents) how they have used our methods to ace the science exams.