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P5 Commonly Tested Topics

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For Primary 5 and Primary 6 students

Master the exam questions for the P5 topics anytime !

Based on the latest MOE syllabus.

Step-by-step lesson videos to guide your child.

Over 40 questions and examples for your child to practise and apply!

Are you watching your child grapple with the complexities of Primary 5 science topics?


Does your child feel a bit lost amidst scientific jargon and intricate concepts?

We understand that while many students, including yours, might recognise terms like “circulatory systems,” “respiratory systems,” “reproduction in plants,” and “water cycles,” the real challenge often lies in articulating their understanding using the precise scientific keywords (and proper phrasing) required in exams.

Your child’s ability to communicate knowledge is crucial, especially when tackling topics like plant reproduction and the water cycle, where understanding alone isn’t enough.

They need to express their thoughts using specific scientific terminology, a skill that many students find daunting.


This is where our pre-recorded science crash course steps in to boost your child’s learning journey.

Designed specifically to address these hurdles, our crash course delves deep into the essential science knowledge of these crucial topics:

Water Cycles
Reproduction in Plants
Circulatory Systems & Respiratory Systems (Examiners tend to test these two topics together!)


What does this crash course offer?

– In-depth Video Explanations: Our detailed video tutorials break down complex science concepts into digestible information, ensuring your child not only understands but masters the topics.

– Detailed Lesson Notes: Alongside the videos, we provide lesson notes to reinforce learning, serving as a valuable reference for revision.

Targeted Exam-based Questions: We introduce must-know questions that are commonly found in exams to test and solidify your child’s understanding of each topic.

Customised Worksheets: Our expert team of science specialists has curated worksheets to challenge and hone your child’s skills, encouraging active learning.

– Analytical Skills Development: We don’t just teach the ‘what’; we emphasize the ‘how’ by providing video tutorials on analyzing questions and formulating coherent, keyword-rich answers.



Now your child can learn the concepts and master the answering techniques anytime!

By the end of this crash course, your child will know how to apply the concepts learnt to the science MCQs.

Better yet, your child will have much more confidence in tackling the open-ended questions!


Empower your child to transition from merely understanding to effectively communicating scientific concepts.

Sign up now and embark on a journey to clarity, mastery and boost your child’s chance of achieving academic excellence in Science!

Preview video showing how to explain why heartbeat rate increases

Preview video explaining the importance of seed dispersal

Preview video explaining how to answer the science open-ended question

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Suzanne , Mother of P6 Student

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What Your Child Will Get?

  • Full Access to All Recorded Lessons and Worksheets
  • 1 lesson is broken down into a series of videos, notes and worksheets (answers are provided at the back)
  • Must-Know Concepts of the  Topics (Circulatory Systems, Respiratory Systems, Reproduction in Plants and Water Cycle Topics)
  • Techniques to understand the Science Questions quickly and how to answer them accurately and concisely.
  • Detailed step-by=step video explanations on how your child can derive at the answers.
  • Full answers to all the Science Questions.
  • Lots of High Quality Questions to Ensure Sufficient Practice.
  • Submit completed worksheets to ScienceShifu for marking (we provide detailed feedback for your child!)

What is covered in this crash course?

Water Cycles

1) Understand heat gain and heat loss process

2) Understand the processes (boiling, evaporation, freezing, condensation)

3) Identify the relevant factors affecting the rate of evaporation and condensation

4) Must-Know examples and questions to boost your child’s understanding of the concepts.


Reproduction in plants

1) Identify the plant parts and its functions

2) Understand the processes (pollination, fertilisation, seed / fruit dispersal and germination)

3) Understand the difference between pollination and dispersal

4) Must-Know examples and exam-based questions to boost your child’s understanding of this topic.


Circulatory systems topic and respiratory systems topic

1) Identify the organs and their functions

2) Understand how the systems work together (and how to explain them properly)

3) Understand blood flow

4) Must-Know examples and exam-based questions to boost your child’s understanding of this topic.


Plus, submit the scienceshifu assignments for marking and receive detailed feedback from us!

New lessons will be added so your child is up-to-date with the latest exam questions.

There are plenty of examples provided in this detailed and comprehensive crash course.

Take note of the common mistakes and misconceptions I will be highlighting in each lesson so your child won’t repeat them.

Active participation will be required in order for your child to unlock the full benefits of this crash course.  

Duration of this crash course:

Approximately 10 hours of intensive learning (includes watching the lesson videos and attempt all the questions in this crash course)


Your Child Will Be My Highest-Priority Student.

What You Will Need to Join this Course?

  • A good internet connection
  • You can watch this course on a computer, laptop, Ipad, smartphone
  • This course works on Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla and most internet browsers.
  • PDF reader – to view the worksheets
  • A positive learning attitude!
Scienceshifu - Andy Ling

Andy Ling

Course Instructor

Guiding your child to be the master of science concepts

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$200 $87 Only! (One-time payment. Life-Time Access)

This FLASH Sale May End ANYTIME!

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