Primary Science – Food Chains and Food Web Topic

Identify the Consumers

This science revision note aims to help your child:

–  understand what is a consumer? Take note of the definition of the consumer to answer the question.

– Identify the food producer.

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How many consumers are there in the food web above?


What do the arrows mean?

The arrows in the food web represent the direction in which energy is passed. For example, the arrow pointing from S to P means that energy is passed from S to P (when P feeds on S).


Step 2

What is a consumer?

A consumer is an organism that cannot produce its own food and must obtain its energy from plants or animals. We can identify a consumer in the food web by seeing whether there is at least one arrow pointing towards the organism. An arrow pointing towards it means energy is being passed to it. In other words, it is consuming another organism.

In this food web, the 6 highlighted organisms all consume at least one organism. Thus, there are 6 consumers in the food web.

S and H are producers, not consumers. This means that they are plants and can produce their own energy by photosynthesis. They do not consume other organisms for energy.


FINALLY, choose the correct answer.


The answer is 3.


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