P3 & P4 Science Revision eBook

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For P3 and P4 students only

What if…

your child can write open-ended answers clearly using the correct scientific keywords?

Your child can ace the multiple-choice questions by applying the proper science knowledge?


Introducing… the P3 & P4 Science ebook for your child!

This ebook provides all the science concepts that your child needs to prepare for the P3 and P4 science exams.


What Topics are Covered in this Ebook?

This eBook has all the must-know science concepts for your primary 3 or primary 4 child!

Included inside this eBook:
Over 120 pages of detailed science concepts provided


Inside the ebook – Classification of living and non-living things


Inside the ebook – Plants and their parts


We will show your child all the must-know science concepts from these topics:

  • Classifications of living and non-living things
  • Plants and their parts
  • Animals
  • Fungi and bacteria
  • Exploring materials
  • Life cycles
  • Matter and its three states
  • Human systems
  • Digestive systems
  • Magnets
  • Light and shadows
  • Heat and temperature

– Included inside the ebook: 14 challenging exam-based questions for your child to apply the science concepts.


We provide detailed video explanations for your child!

When you purchase this ebook, you and your child get to watch detailed explanations of 6 exam-based questions.

Detailed explanations of a challenging science exam question.


We will be sharing additional learning points not found in the ebook!

Your child can use the learning points in his revision!


Get the ebook and videos now!

Scienceshifu - Andy Ling

Andy Ling

Guiding your child to be a master of science concepts

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Promotion Price of S$9.90 (Usual price of S$30)

One-Time Payment. Lifetime Access.

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