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PSLE Science Premium Course


Many schools have dedicated only 3 hours of science lessons per week.

Each week, more than 1 hour is spent on teaching new concepts. The other hour is spent on experiments.

That leaves very little time to apply concepts and mastering the sentence structure for open-ended questions.

No wonder so many students did not do well in their science exams.

Worst still, students scored badly in the MCQs because they don’t understand the concepts well enough.


Does your child have these problems?

1) Cannot apply concepts to the question

2) Sentence structure in open-ended questions are terrible

3) Worst of all, the child explained the concepts correctly but failed to relate back to the question

3) Wrong use of keywords

5) Do not know what concepts to apply in the exam question

6) Having problems describing the science process.

7) Cannot grasp the requirement of the questions


If your child did not score well in Primary 5 or Primary 6, it is time to take action NOW!


Introducing the one and only PSLE Science online premium course.


This Online Course is Everything Your Child Needs

This course aims to address the common problems faced by your child in science concepts and answering techniques.  

Now your child can learn the concepts and master the answering techniques anytime!

By the end of this course, your child will know how to apply the concepts learnt into the science MCQs.

Better yet, your child will have much more confidence in tackling the open-ended questions.

Preview video showing application of gravitational force

Preview showing how to explain the electromagnetic process clearly

Preview video showing structural adaptation

Preview video explaining energy conversion concept

Don't Take My Word For It - See What Our Customers Have To Say!

“Gerald has obtained A for his PSLE Science. 😃 We are glad that he has made good progress from C during mid year exam to B during Prelim and now scoring A for his PSLE science.

Suzanne , Mother of P6 Student

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

“Hi Mr Andy, My daughter has gotten an A Star for PSLE science due to your timely help. Thank you for the times that you responded to our questions in science despite your hectic schedule. Thank you so much!  🙏 🙏 🙏

Mrs Valli, Mother of P6 student

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

“My daughter got an A for PSLE Science. I really credit it to your videos and tutorials. The helpline was especially helpful. “

Jaclyn Tan, Mother of P6 Student

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“My son failed in mid-year exam (before he joined the course). He scored a huge improvement in his PSLE result and got promoted to S1 Express. Thank you for your patience and guidance.”

Mrs Leong, Mother of P6 Student

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What Your Child Will Get From this Online Course?

  • Full Access to All Recorded Lessons and Worksheets
  • Unlimited Personal Support (You can ask any Science question by Whatsapp and seek Homework Help!)
  • New Lessons will be uploaded regularly
  • Key Concepts of Each Topic
  • Techniques to understand the Science Questions quickly and how to answer them accurately and concisely.
  • Revision Tips
  • Lots of High Quality Questions to Ensure Sufficient Practice.
  • Full answers to Challenging Science Questions.
  • 1 lesson is broken down into a series of videos, notes and worksheets
  • Option to submit completed worksheets to me for marking

What Science Topics are Covered?

ALL Must Know P6 and P5 Science Topics including:

  • Life cycles
  1. Mosquitoes,
  2. functions at different stages of the lifecycles


  • Passing down of characteristics
  1. hereditary and non-hereditary information,
  2. Various ways to test family tree concepts


  • Reproduction in plants
  1. Identify male and female parts of flowers,
  2. Criteria for the processes to work and how to explain the processes
  3. Differentiate the structural features for each dispersion method
  4. Possible ways for examiners to test the concept of dispersion.


  • Reproduction in humans
  1. Identify and explain the functions
  2. Possible ways for examiners to test your understanding of reproduction.


  • Water and changes in state
  1. Explain Evaporation and Heat Flow Processes,
  2. Identify and explain how materials affect temperature of water
  3. Interpreting melting and boiling point using number line concepts
  4. Interpreting graphs, Real life scenarios, etc
  5. Identify and explain process of condensation.
  6. determine condensation of water vapour taking place
  7. Identify and explain factors affecting condensation process.


  • Classification
  1. Living and non-living things
  2. Key factors to identify and explain


  • Light and shadows
  1. concepts to explain shadows.
  2. Various scenarios to test shape and size of shadows


  • Electricity
  1. Method to determine the brightness of the bulb
  2. Identify and explain parallel and series circuits affects brightness
  3. Identify and explain electromagnets in real-life scenarios and experiments.


There is more!

  • Circulatory systems
  1. Understand how circulatory systems work,
  2. Explaining how different activities affect the heartbeat


  • Respiratory systems
  1. Understand how respiratory system work,
  2. Real life scenarios and how to explain them.
  3. Combining concepts with other systems


  • Digestive systems
  1. Understand how digestive system work,
  2. Real life scenarios and how to explain them.
  3. Common mistakes made by students
  4. Combining concepts with other systems
  • And Much, Much More…

There will be plenty of examples provided in this detailed and comprehensive course.

Take note of the common mistakes and misconceptions I will be highlighting in each lesson so your child won’t repeat them.

Active participation will be required in order for your child to unlock the full benefits of this course.  See below for more elaboration.


Unlimited Support for your Child!

Your child will be required to actively complete the worksheets in this course.

Monthly tests will be provided to track the progress of your child.

You may email or whatsapp us the worksheets and tests so we can mark, comment and review your child’s work.

We will constantly provide feedback for your child throughout this course as I understand that each child has different strengths and weaknesses.

Your child can also send us any homework or school assignments to review!


Your Child Will Be My Highest-Priority Student.

What You Will Need to Join this Online Course?

  • A good internet connection
  • You can watch this course on a computer, laptop, Ipad, smartphone
  • This course works on Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla and most internet browsers.
  • PDF reader – to view the worksheets
  • A positive learning attitude!

This course comes with a 7 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the course, you can cancel the course within 7 days and no payment will be charged. Basically, this is a risk-free investment.

Scienceshifu - Andy Ling

Andy Ling

Course Instructor

Guiding your child to be the master of science concepts

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S$200 S$97 Per Month

Claim your 7-Day Free Trial!

This FLASH SALE may end Anytime!

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