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ScienceShifu - PSLE Science Answering Techniques (for P3 to P6 students)

Primary Science Answering Techniques

(2023 Edition)


Use the common answering techniques in this EBook to explain Science OEQs.


  • 13 MUST-KNOW topics with answering techniques are included


  • Easy to Read, Learn & Apply!


  • Bonus: 9 common exam questions your child must know!


  • Suitable for Primary 4 to Primary 6 students

MUST-KNOW Water Cycles concepts and Common Exam Questions

(2023 Edition)

Learn the scientific concepts relating to water cycles and its changes in state


  • Includes diagrams for easy understanding of concepts


  • Includes MUST-KNOW exam questions with detailed answers.


  • Learn the mistakes from past students


  • Easy to Read, Learn and Apply


  • Suitable for Primary 5 and Primary 6 students





Lesson Notes on Water Cycles and Changes in State


Once you’ve downloaded the notes, click on the video below to watch the lesson straight away!

  • Watch the lesson


  • Learn the thinking process behind the question


  • Learn how to quickly use the correct keywords in the exam question


  • Suitable for Primary 5 and Primary 6 students

FREE Lesson - How to explain your answers clearly (Water cycles)

8 Tips to prepare the PSLE Science Exam


Many parents’ want their child to work on past-year papers straight away.

However, that might be ineffective for some students.

A solid understanding of science concepts is crucial (that includes the proper explanations).

It’s best to start this roadmap early.


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