Science Revision Notes For Your Child

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Students start taking science lessons in Primary 3, making it the perfect time to help them build a solid foundation in the subject. These notes aim to help Primary School students gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter, and help them enjoy learning more about science.

Primary 3 & 4 topics include:

  • Classifications of Living and Non-Living Things
  • Characteristics of Living and Non-Living Things
  • Life Cycles of Animals and Plants
  • Human Body
  • Bacteria and Fungi
  • Light and Shadow
  • Human Body Systems
  • Digestive System
  • Matter and Its Three States

These notes cover the concepts learnt in Primary 5 science. There are a wider range of topics covered compared to Lower Primary, and these revision notes enable students to memorise and familiarise themselves with must-know concepts. Science Shifu provides notes on the following topics:

  • Human Body Systems
  • Circulatory and Respiratory Systems
  • Water Cycle and its three states
  • Plant Transport Systems
  • Reproduction in Plants and humans
  • Electrical Systems
  • Uses of Electricity
  • Cells

The science subject takes on a higher importance once a student hits Primary 6, as they need to prepare for their PSLE examinations. These notes aid students in answering questions in a logical manner, so they can score well for their final exams.

  • Forces
  • Forms and Uses of Energy
  • Energy in Food
  • Food Chains and Food Web
  • Adaptations
  • Man’s Impact on the Environment
Scienceshifu - Secondary 1 Science Revision Notes

Secondary school science is more difficult than Primary school, and students will have to prepare accordingly. Teachers will be using different teaching methods in Secondary 1, and our science specialists are well prepared to encourage students to build their critical thinking skill and implement the right answering techniques in their examinations.

While Science was a single topic in Primary school, Secondary 1 Science separates it into three different subjects: Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. Students will need to master all 3, and determine which Science subjects they can excel at in Upper Secondary.

Secondary 2 Science Revision Notes

Secondary 2 Students choose their subject combinations at the end of the year. This makes it important for them to familiarise themselves with all three science subjects throughout Secondary 2 and understand which one they’re prepared to take in Upper Secondary. These notes aim to help them build a better understanding of the various science fields.

Primary And Secondary Science Tuition Revision Notes

Through our revision notes, students are able to focus on important parts of the science syllabus. However, if you want further guidance, Science Shifu offers Primary and Lower Secondary science tuition courses. Let our teachers nurture your children and help them excel academically.

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