Secondary 1 Science

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For Sec 1 Science NA / Express / IB students

“Teacher, I am studying twice as many concepts as my Primary 3 to Primary6 levels”


This Sec 1 student is right!

Your child needs to master much more topics in Sec 1 science.


Introducing… the Sec 1 Science (1st Semester) Ebook for your child!

This ebook provides the must-know Sec 1 concepts for Semester 1.


Included in this ebook:

Scientific topics:

– Scientific endeavour

– Physical quantities and measuring length

– Volume, mass and density

– Exploring the diversity of matter by its chemical composition



3 Major Problems All Sec 1 Science Students Face…

And how this ebook will help your child


There are lots of scientific terminologies your child needs to differentiate.

What is the difference between atoms and molecules…

Solubility, solute and solvent…

Toxic and harmful hazard symbols…

Compounds and mixtures…

And much, much more.

We have included explanations of all the must-know terminologies in this ebook.

Here’s an example:

Inside the ebook – Detailed explanations to show the difference between compounds and mixtures


It doesn’t end there!

Your child needs to apply those terminologies to the exam-based questions.

We have included 8 must-know exam-based questions in the Sec 1 Science (1st Semester) Ebook.


Also, we’ve included lots of diagrams in this Ebook to help your child understand the concepts… quickly!


Inside the ebook – characteristics of suspensions

Inside the ebook – Separation Technique Topic – Filtration


Your child needs to write more accurate answers now.

In the ray model of light topic, writing “density of the object bends the light…” is wrong.

The correct explanation is “optical density is higher to refract/bend the light …” 


You can see your child needs to write down more keywords now – “optical” and “refract”.

In the Ebook, we will highlight these must-know keywords to help you and your child with the open-ended questions.


Your child needs to calculate now.

In Sec 1, there are many must-know scientific formulas such as density, pressure, conversion of units…


Many students face these problems:

– How to calculate the mass of an object when the question only gives the density and volume?

Your child needs to change the scientific formula.

– How to calculate the force of an object?

Your child needs to choose which scientific formulas to use.


For students who are weak in maths, this Ebook has the must-know unit conversions and formulas for Sec 1 science.

If you are strong in maths, don’t rest on your laurels! This is your time to seize on the opportunity and secure precious marks for the science exams.


In the Sec 1 science (1st Semester) ebook, we will provide 2 exam-based questions to guide you and your child in this segment.



Bonus! We provide Detailed Video Explanations for You and Your Child!

When you purchase this Ebook, you and your child get to watch detailed explanations of 8 exam-based questions.

Detailed explanations of a challenging science exam question.


We will be sharing additional learning points not found in the ebook!

Your child can use the learning points in his or her revision!



When you purchase this Ebook, you and your child will have these:

Sec 1 Science (1st Semester) Ebook providing all the must-know concepts (Over 90 pages of intense scientific knowledge for you and your child!)

8 Exam-Based questions with detailed answers provided

– Bonus:

  • Detailed explanations of all the exam-based questions in this Sec 1 Science (1st Semester) Ebook
  • Summarised learning points of all the topics in this Ebook.


Get the ebook and videos now before the price increases…!

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Andy Ling

Guiding your child to be a master of science concepts

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