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Secondary 2 Science Premium Course


In Secondary 2, your child needs to master new concepts on top of sec 1.

That includes the ability to write detailed answers with the correct keywords.

To do that, a solid understanding of the question is needed.

Next, proper answering techniques are needed to get the full marks.


There are many skillsets your child needs to master when he or she sits for the science exam:

  • Extract clues from the questions and relate to the science concepts
  • Analyse the experimental results
  • Application to real-life problems
  • Explanation of answers clearly


Plus, there are questions worth 4 marks that requires multiple scientific formulas 

There are so many formulas in Physics.

To score well, your child needs to have a strong understanding of the formulas.

Next, your child must be able to change the scientific formulas to answer the question.

Your child also needs to be familiar with the conversion of units (some formulas cannot be used if the units are wrong)


A question worth 6 marks requires your child to apply multiple science concepts

In the topic of digestive system alone, there are must-know names of the enzymes, organs.

Moreover, your child needs to remember the functions of each enzyme and organs.

Finally, your child needs to explain (in proper keywords) the entire process of digestion for certain food substances.

Examiners love to apply those knowledge to real-life scenarios. Your child needs critical analytical skills to answer such questions.



A single experimental-based question can be worth 6 marks

Using the scientific method, your child needs to identify the control setups, independent and dependent variables.

Your child then writes out the experimental procedures clearly.

A solid understanding of the science concepts is a must.


Anyway, there are many ways examiners can test your child’s concepts.


If your child scored badly in the Secondary 1 exams, enrol your child to the Secondary 2 Science  Premium Course Now!


This Course is Everything Your Child Needs

This course aims to address the common problems faced by your child in physics, chemistry and biology concepts.

Your child starts off with the proper scientific method of analysis.

Next, your child starts off with the proper understanding of concepts

After that, your child learns the answering techniques.  

There are formulas that your child needs to master.


Now your child can learn the concepts and master the answering techniques anytime!

By the end of this course, your child will know how to apply the concepts learnt to the science MCQs.

Better yet, your child will have much more confidence in tackling the open-ended questions.

Preview video showing detailed explanation of different blood vessels

Preview showing how to explain diffusion and osmosis concepts

Preview video showing the characteristic of a positive ion

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Suzanne , Mother of P6 Student

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Mrs Valli, Mother of P6 student

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Jaclyn Tan, Mother of P6 Student

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Mrs Leong, Mother of P6 Student

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What Your Child Will Get?

  • Full Access to Recorded Lessons and Worksheets
  • Unlimited Personal Support (You can ask any Science question by Whatsapp and seek Homework Help!)
  • New Lessons will be uploaded regularly
  • Key Concepts of Each Topic
  • Techniques to understand the Science Questions quickly and how to answer them accurately and concisely.
  • Revision Tips
  • Lots of High Quality Questions to Ensure Sufficient Practice.
  • Full answers to Challenging Science Questions.
  • 1 lesson is broken down into a series of videos, notes and worksheets
  • Submit the completed worksheets to us for marking

What Topics are Covered?

Must-Know Sec 2 Science Topics including:



  • Sec 1 revision of Scientific endeavour
  1. Scientific method and attributes of a scientists
  2. Laboratory safety rules
  3. Hazard symbols


  • Sec 1 revision of Density, rate, speed, unit conversions and pressure
  1. Conversion of different units
  2. Understanding the different scientific apparatus and its limitations
  3. Understand the different formulas and situations
  4. Applications to many real-life situations


  • Sec 1 revision of vernier calipers
  1. Recall the steps on reading vernier calipers and understand its limitations


  • Heat transfer and its effects
  1. Conduction, convection and radiation
  2. Proper answering techniques
  3. Effects of heat transfer on objects
  4. Applications to exam based questions


  • Electricity and its applications
  1. Drawing of complex circuits
  2. Calculations of current, potential difference and resistance in complex circuits
  3. Applications of electricity to real-life
  4. Electromagnets – Proper answering techniques
  5. Electromagnets – Applications to real-life
  6. Other uses of electricity (this will link with chemistry topics)
  7. Calculations of kWh (amount of electrical energy in an appliance) by understanding power rating
  8. Safe uses of electricity (how to explain short circuit, unsafe practices using electricity concepts)



  • Sec 1 revision of separation techniques, solutions and suspensions
  1. Recall all the physical methods of separation.
  2. Understand the limitations of each separation technique.
  3. When to use the separation techniques and explain the procedures clearly.


  • Sec 1 revision of elements, compounds and mixtures
  1. Recall all the properties of each substance
  2. Understand the melting points, boiling points and heat transfer concepts


  • Atoms, molecules, atomic structures and ions
  1. Recall science knowledge on atoms and molecules
  2. In sec 2, we need to understand the structure of the atoms and its applications to chemical reactions
  3. Understand how are ions formed
  4. Difference between atoms, molecules and ions


  • Acids and alkali reactions
  1. Understand the various reactions in the syllabus
  2. Identify the reactants and products based on clues found in the questions



  • Diversity of plants and animals
  1. Understand the various taxonomy (Science of classifying organisms)
  2. Understand the relationships between species of animals and plants
  3. Understand dichotomous key


  • Ecology
  1. Prey and predator relationship
  2. Be aware of the various characteristics and how organisms are adaptated for survival
  3. Understand how the mans’ impact on the environment affects the organisms
  4. Various taxonomies


  • Digestive system
  1. Understand the functions of the organs, enzymes.
  2. Understand the process of digestion of food substances at each organ.
  3. Describe in detail the process of digestion.
  4. Understand how examiners test the concepts


  • Circulatory system
  1. Understand the functions of the different organs and blood vessels
  2. Describe in detail how substances are transported.
  3. Understand how examiners test the concepts


  • Sexual reproduction in living things, birth controls and STDs
  1. Understand the functions of the reproductive organs and cells
  2. Understand the effects of sexually transmitted diseases
  3. Application to exam-based questions


There are additional revisions on forces, sound and ray model of light


Also, we have combine revisions of all topics to prepare your child for the sec 2 exams.

There are plentiful examples provided in this detailed and comprehensive course.

Take note of the common mistakes and misconceptions I will be highlighting in each lesson so your child won’t repeat them.

Active participation will be required in order for your child to unlock the full benefits of this course.  See below for more elaboration.


Unlimited Support for your Child!

Your child will be required to actively complete the worksheets in this course.

Monthly tests will be provided to track the progress of your child.

You may email or whatsapp us the worksheets and tests so we can mark, comment and review your child’s work.

We will constantly provide feedback for your child throughout this course as I understand that each child has different strengths and weaknesses.

Your child can also send us any homework or school assignments to review!


Your Child Will Be My Highest-Priority Student.

What You Will Need to Join this Course?

  • A good internet connection
  • You can watch this course on a computer, laptop, Ipad, smartphone
  • This course works on Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla and most internet browsers.
  • PDF reader – to view the worksheets
  • A positive learning attitude!

This course comes with a 7 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the course, you can cancel the course within 7 days and no payment will be charged. Basically, this is a risk-free investment.

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S$200 S$97 Per Month

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This FLASH SALE may end Anytime!

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