Secondary Science Tuition for Sec 1 & 2 (Online)

Help Your Child Think Like a Scientist

Tackle Exams With Challenging Science Exercises

Receive Unlimited Support & Homework Help

Don't Understand Science Concepts?

Our teachers will simplify the science concepts for you and your child. There are lots of assignments and MCQs for your child to answer the exam questions accurately.

Facing Issues with School Homework?

Don’t wait till the next lesson. Let our team of science experts provide homework help for your child. We provide detailed explanations to ensure your child understands the question.

Need to Tackle Challenging Exam-Based Questions?

Get Step-by-Step Guidance for Your Child. Master the answering techniques. Watch, revise and practise the questions at your own pace and time.

Learning Options

Online Zoom Classes

secondary science tuition singapore
  • Step-by-step guidance to boost students’ confidence in answering exam questions

  • Parents can learn together with their children

  • Students can ask questions during or after class

Prerecorded Online Enrichment Courses

science lessons for secondary schools
  • Lots of videos with detailed explanations are provided

  • Lots of worksheets and MCQs are included

  • Receive unlimited personal support via WhatsApp


ebook for lower secondary school students
  • All the must-know science concepts for your child

  • Includes challenging exam-based questions & detailed video explanations

  • One-time payment with lifetime access

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Want to Support Your Child's Science Learning?

secondary science tuition programme

Frequently Asked Questions

Science tuition is not necessary if:

  • Your child is a disciplined person who can seek clarification from the school teacher.
  • You are a hands-on parent and are able to teach your child.

On the other hand, if your child does not know how to answer the science exam questions accurately or is struggling with the scientific concepts, your child needs more guidance from a science tutor.

With online science tuition lessons, our experienced tutors can spot the recurring mistakes that your child is making and provide detailed steps to rectify them as soon as possible. Our tutors can also set a test to check on your child’s understanding of the science concepts.

With online learning, your child can master science concepts without the need to commute to a tuition centre. The parent can even sit beside their child and learn the tips to guide their child.

If online science classes are insufficient, your child can even seek clarification with our 24/7 homework helpline. Simply take a picture, WhatsApp our science tutors and we will reply with detailed explanations within 1 day.

Our teaching methods are more than just correcting your child’s mistakes, we will be sharing real-life applications of science experiments and concepts. This is important because examiners are testing your child’s ability to apply science concepts to real-life situations.

We make sure to provide a warm and encouraging learning environment that will motivate your child to do well in science and provide a good foundation for upper-secondary sciences.

For secondary school science, students may face difficulty as they now need to study 3 different subjects: physics, chemistry, and biology. So there is definitely a lot more science content to learn.

Furthermore, each topic is much more in-depth compared to primary school science. That means the answers given by your child will need to be more accurate.

Ultimately, it is the teacher’s ability and the quality of the materials which matter more. Our teachers will stay back to answer questions after class. Students can also WhatsApp our homework helpers whenever they have questions. Finally, we have a large support team to mark your child’s work and provide detailed feedback.

Our Zoom class sizes can go up to 50-60 pax per class. Our classes are generally bigger than most tuition centres because our teaching methods are popular and effective. The results from our past students have proven that class size has little impact on their science grades. In fact, from our past results, students in our bigger classes outperformed students in our smaller classes.

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