ScienceShifu - 128 Must Know Scientific Keywords For Lower Sec Science

128 Must-Know Scientific Keywords eBook


Suitable for lower secondary science students.


What’s inside this ebook?

There are over 70 pages of detailed explanations inside this ebook.


Must-know keywords from these topics:

– Exploring Diversity of Matter by its Chemical Composition

– Separation Techniques

– Ray Model of Light

– Model of cells

– Particulate Models of Matter

-Atoms and molecules

– Electrical Systems

– Using electricity

– Acids and Alkalis

– Changing Matter

– Ecology

– Transport in Living Things

– Digestion System of Human Beings

– Sexual Reproduction in Human Beings

– Scientific formulas


This ebook is based on the latest MOE syllabus.


What will you get at this price?

– 128 Must-Know Scientific Keywords eBook



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